5 Types of Blog Posts That Attract Customers
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Thursday, August 04, 2016
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Keeping your blog up-to-date is a great way to bring in new business and keep current customers coming back. However, it can be difficult to know what to post on your blog. But don't be intimidated at the thought of pulling together a blog post.


There are no rules on how long a post needs to be. Think about how you read articles or emails. Often the decision to read or not is based on whether you're interested in the topic. It's the same for your readers! If you're "speaking their language", you'll keep them enthusiastic about your updates and eager to hear more from you.


Here are a few ideas on what your market might want to hear from you:



1. Special Deals

Running a sale? Ramping up for Black Friday and Cyber Monday? 


Posting all of the details of your special deal can be unwelcome in Facebook and other social networks. Instead, send your email and social media followers to your blog to get the full scoop on your offer. By the way, every PhotoBiz Online Store comes with the ability to create promo codes and virtual gift cards. Combined with a PhotoBiz Blog you have everything you need to create and promote your special deals.



2. New Product and Service Announcements

When you launch a new offer let the world know about it with a dedicated blog post. 

Often the additional products and services you add to your business get lost in the navigation of your site. How will a current client know that you have something new that he’s interested in? A blog post is perfect for highlighting important updates to your products and services.



3. Behind the Scenes

You can build a relationship with customers by revealing the process and people behind what they buy. What’s special about how you approach your work? What’s different about how your product is made? The personalities and procedures that run your business may be mundane to you, but it could be fascinating for your buyers.



4. How to Use Your Product 

 Is your customer experiencing your product for all its worth? Your blog can help there.

  • Tell your photography clients how to hang photos in their home for the most impact.
  • Show your jewelry customers which colors match with your accessories.
  • Remind your home buyers which documents to keep handy when tax time comes around.


The more value a buyer gets from your product, the more likely she is to purchase again and tell her friends. Your blog should be where she learns how to use your product to its fullest.



5. Customer Spotlight

 Don’t rely on third-party sites to carry all of your reviews. Show potential customers how happy your current customers are with a “Customer Spotlight” blog post. And if you serve businesses they will be especially grateful for being featured. A testimonial post on your blog also serves as a referral to their company.


Blogs are a terrific companion to your website. They are perfect for that "inside look" at how your business runs and what inspires your work. Being relatable to your audience and genuine in your content helps build rapport with customers and keep them invested in your business.

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